­­­­Georgia Fuchs Interior design- Kitchen and bath design & consulting Services               
Interior Design is a passion for us so having strong values is extremely important. But, even more important is promoting them: 

  • Innovate and embrace change
  • Believe in creativity and be bold 
  • Do what is right 
  • Pursue and celebrate excellence 
  • Enjoy results 
  • And do it all with a smile!

As an interior design classmate of Georgia, I always looked to partner with her on projects as I could count on her to not only get her work done on time but well- she is someone who is extremely accountable, has fantastic communication skills, and is a team player par non. You can always count on Georgia to dig in and do the work to find the best solutions - and we all did! With Georgia you will have someone who will actively listen to your needs and vision for a space and guide (vs. strong-arm!) your project to fruition. Of course, what is critical in anyone you hire to work in your home is trust. Georgia has integrity in troves and that sets her apart - you can trust her to prioritize your best interests and work with you in a transparent and open way. Any way you look at it you are in good hands with Georgia!