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Emerging Kitchen Trends

 Fads in fashion come and go. Design trends also come and go. It is impossible to stay on trend in that department so my advice is to get what YOU love, not what others deem is popular for the decade. However, if you want to know what is trending I have put together this presentation for you. 

Big and open spaces have actually been a trend for quite some time now. More than a decade I would say. To go along with this, many are going with fewer upper cabinets, more drawers, pocket and barn doors and multiple islands. They are designating islands for different things for example: serving, homework, happy hour etc. They are adding full functioning kitchens behind a “show” kitchen. That way the mess stays behind a door that the guests never see. Butler’s pantry’s are becoming all the rage with a wine dispenser and carbonated water spickets. Kitchens are becoming “smart” integrating all our technology into them. Have you seen the latest refrigerators that can play music and search the web with voice activation?

Some color trends are becoming warmer although gray and white still prevail. An all-white kitchen is still timeless and will not go out of style. Navy is a cabinet color trend which is still neutral and makes a statement. Light oak floors with wide planks are in demand. People are loving the reclaimed wood that is rustic while mixing herringbone, plank and parquet. Marble countertops are still a trend although I would not recommend using natural marble. Purchase a good quartz that has a marble pattern and you will be much happier with the durability and price. Backsplashes are staying classic with the subway tile, but the chiseled edge and colored grout give it a new look. No matter what the trend, be sure and stay true to yourself and whatever you do will be timeless for you.